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About Dr. Henke

"I found him to be meticulous with exceptional attention to detail and my results were amazing." -Christine M.
Dr. Douglas Henke completed four years of undergraduate education at Hope College (he earned a B.S. in biology). Following this, he received his D.D.S. degree from the University of Michigan in 1996. In 1999, he completed his specialty degree in Prosthodontics, and recieved a master’s degree (M.S.) from the University of Iowa in Oral Sciences. He has practiced in Farmington Hills since returning from his three-year residency.
Whether a patient needs simple dentistry or very complex treatment, Dr. Henke treats their condition with an attention to detail that will achieve the best and longest-lasting results. Dr. Henke focuses on administering the ideal restorative and implant treatments so that each patient attains the optimal outcome.Dr. Henke is a member of the American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics, the American Dental Association, the Michigan Dental Association, the Oakland County Dental Society and the Frances B. Vedder Society of Crown and Bridge Prosthodontics.
He is a past president of the Oakland County Dental Society and a board member of the Frances B. Vedder Society. He has delivered lectures to many dental societies and study groups on the topics of complex dentistry and implant treatment. Dr. Henke is married to Natalie Henke, a General Dentist practicing in Ann Arbor. They have three sons. When he is not working at the laboratory in the evenings or on the weekends, he spends his free time with his sons playing sports such as hockey, lacrosse, golf, and basketball.


After years of suffering migraines from improper crown work from a general dentist, I sought treatment from Dr. Henke. He replaced 6 frontal crowns and corrected an abnormal bite, freeing me from migraines. I found him to be meticulous with exceptional attention to detail and my results were amazing. In addition to correcting my problem, I had the bonus of ending up with a beautiful, bright smile! I never expected that I would receive so many compliments about how amazing and perfect my smile now is! I cannot thank Dr. Henke enough for his patience, kindness and expertise.

- Christine M.

I have tetracycline stained teeth and, as a result of this, I had 16 porcelain veneers/crowns completed by a dentist in 2004. The result was horrible and I had problems right away and needed to replace all the restorations.  I would saythat choosing this first dentist was the biggest mistake I've ever made in my life.
It took me 6 years of suffering after this initial mistake to meet Dr. Henke and the restorative replacement took another 2 years, but I finally completed my teeth in April 2012.
Three important attributes that I have found in Dr. Henke are: 1) he spent so much time listening to my opinion, very patiently, as well as giving me his opinion, 2) He made so many tiny adjustments to make my teeth properly functional and 3) He made my teeth look very natural so no one notices they are porcelain crowns!
I saw so many dentists before I met Dr. Henke and from those experiences, I don't think there are many dentists who can do all three. If a dentist doesn't do 1 at all, I can't expect him/her do 2 and 3. I believe that all 3 must be present if someone cares about the quality of the final restoration.
One additional positive aspect of Dr. Henke's office were the staff in his office.  They were always very nice and friendly. Trina, Dr. Henke's assistant made me relax with her smile and friendly conversation.
I used to regret what happened 8 years ago, but not anymore. Dr. Henke took my long term headache away from me. Thank you very much, Dr. Henke for your hard work. I love my teeth now.

- A.K.